Why sell with us


Welcome to Quarter8, the home of Britishmade products in China. We are an online marketplace that allows British manufacturers to sell their products directly to the world's biggest consumer market, China.

Our mission is to provide the opportunity for small and medium size businesses to access this market. Trading in China can be challenging but the rewards are high. With our expertise we will break down the barriers for you.

The only rule: your products must be made in Great Britain!

An online channel allows you to access the market without the need for huge investment. Tangle Teezer is one of many British brands that have successfully entered the Chinese market.

'We've found a great demand for well-designed, quality British brands within the Chinese market, and an ideal route to market through online channels. Chinese consumers actively search out British brands. To any British brands thinking of the China market, we would say online is a great way to research your products and pricing, and a market that could become your biggest and most profitable'. Gemma Clarke - CMO at Tangle Teezer


It can be extremely difficult to target and market to the average Chinese consumer. We can offer an integrated package, ensuring you have access not just to the market, but to an entire support system to help ensure success for your brand.

We provide:

  • A dedicated translation service, to ensure your branding resonates with a Chinese audience.
  • A marketing strategy created by Chinese experts in your target market.
  • A trained customer support service operating in Chinese hours.
  • An autonomous service – the freedom to make and ship your own products.
  • Marketing analysis – our specialists can keep you up-to-date on Current Chinese trends.
  • An easy to use Chinese merchant service.

We are also an Associate Member of Made in Britain:


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